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Welcome to WestCSTRIKE!

Vrei sa CASTIGI 120 EURO server-ul pe cs.westcstrike.ro? Apasa AICI!.




Founders: LaLaLa


  1. [ZOMBIE] General Rules (2 posts)

    Regulile serverului / Server rules

  2. [ZOMBIE] Anunturi / Announcements (45 posts)

    ★ ★ Anunturi legate de server / Server announcements.



  3. [ZOMBIE] Buy VIP (1 post)

    Aici sunt detaliile despre cum poti cumpara vip si ce beneficii aduce/ Here are the details about how you can buy vip.

  4. [ZOMBIE] Cereri / Requests [OPEN] (3,899 posts)

    Doresti sa fi admin? Sau sa iti rezervi nickname-ul? Fa o cerere aici! / You wanna become admin? Or to reserve your nick-name? Make a request here!

  5. [ZOMBIE] Ban List Admins (206 posts)

    All admins must create a Ban List!

  6. [ZOMBIE] Cereri Unban / Requests (73 posts)

    ★ ★ Consideri ca ai fost banat pe nedrept? Fă o reclamaţie aici! / You consider that you have been BANNED unfair? Make a complaint here!

  7. [ZOMBIE] Concursuri / Contests (20 posts)

    Aici se vor anunta concursurile care vor avea loc pe server /

    Here you will see the contests organised by our server

  8. [ZOMBIE] Discutii libere / Free discussions (266 posts)

    Aici puteti discuta despre orice. / You can talk about everything here.

  9. [ZOMBIE] Join TeamSpeak (8 posts)

    Join Ts.westcstrike.ro

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