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  1. - Nick in game :De@th - Age : 18 - Experience as admin : Yes - Like our server facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/zombieplaguecso/ - You pressed like button? Yes - Steam ID : STEAM_1:0:1620828631 - Can you help our server with a donation? : No - Have you read the Rules? : Yes - Vote our server here --- https://westcstrike.ro/forum/index.php?/topic/1768-vot-server/ - You Voted?-Yes,Already Note: There are 4 links for vote , after u voted post a reply in that topic with VOTED, if u dont vote every day u will be removed
  2. Give Me Your Discord Server Link Bro ..

  3. Name in game-De@th -Like the facebook page of the server : https://www.facebook.com/zombieplaguecso/ -You pressed like?- Yes -Vote our server here : https://westcstrike.ro/forum/index.php?/topic/1768-vot-server/ -You voted?- Yes Note: After you voted that 4 links post a message in that topic with VOTED, if you dont vote for 2 days you will be removed
  4. Nick In Game : De@th Age : 16 Experience As Admin : Yes You Pressed Like Button : Yes Steam ID : STEAM_1:0:2098073430 Can You Help Our Server With Donation : Maybe No Have You Read The Rules? : Yes Vote Our Server? : Yes Make Sure To Vote The Server Daily Or You Will Be Removed : Fine Bro
  5. Yes U Need to Upload Proof .
  6. Bro U Can Paste a Proof https://imgur.com/ here .
  7. Nick In Game : De@th Admin Name : 5zan Reason OF Complain : He Got Infected And i Get his Dragon Shotgun Then He Slay Me And Ban Me @LaLaLa Please Make a Good Choice Of Admin . Proof : https://www.mediafire.com/file/od5d96iuq1fx291/hl+2021-01-11+17-58-57-709.mp4/file Bro See This .
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