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  1. Accepted! Please send me on TeamSpeak your steam ID, name and password! Topic closed!
  2. Refused!! Sorry PJ but steamid it’s required and it’s mandatory! You need to buy a steam id and they you can make a new request!! Thanks TOPIC CLOSED
  3. Accepted! Please send me on TeamSpeak your steam ID, name and password! Topic closed!
  4. Give us the steam id please because we can’t find you on banlist.
  5. DECLINED!! You have only 4 hours played on server. Also you need to come to teamspeak to know each other. Play more and come back with other request!! TOPIC CLOSED
  6. Pwpx te rog sa postezi dovada de cod! Mafia te rog sa postezi ip address / steam id
  7. Pai trebuie sa ne raspunda Laur pentru astfel de ban. Pentru ca din cate vad el l-a dat!
  8. Please follow the exactly unban request details. In the request also include your ip and all details. Thanks
  9. Acceptat Nick + Pw pe ts.westcstrike.ro ! sau mesaj in privat !
  10. Hello, please put here the last ss and also make a WG test and put here the report. Thanks
  11. Accepted! Please give me your nick + password on TS or PM! Also please come on teamspeak ( ts.westcstrike.ro ) to know you better.
  12. With great pleasure, but you have few hours played, you can also come on teamspeak to know you better! ts.westcstrike.ro Topic closed. Come back with another request and keep playing!
  13. Cu mare drag , dar ai putine ore jucate , de asemenea poti veni si teamspeak sa te cunoastem mai bine! ts.westcstrike.ro Topic closed. Revino cu o alta cerere si continua sa joci !
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