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[RS] Player Rules (EN)

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BZKA37t.gif Respect what the administrators ask of you.
JJPoXx6.gif  Don't take advantage of game bugs.
JJPoXx6.gif  It is not allowed to use tattoos that contain obscene / vulgar images / words.
JJPoXx6.gif  Do not spam (messages for no reason several times).
JJPoXx6.gif  Do not disturb the admins for no good reason.
JJPoXx6.gif  Vulgar language is not allowed. Do not insult / offend other players or STAFF / VIP members.
JJPoXx6.gif  We do not accept players with similar nicknames (Regardless of whether the other similar name is used by an admin / player).
JJPoXx6.gif  Do not use codes / other customer benefits / modifications (either steam / non-steam).
*  It is not required and does not make room on the server absolutely for anyone. Those who have the right to a reserved slot have a reserved slot.
*  Careful! If you play with Render: Software is considered an advantage, therefore a violation of the previous rule!
*  Try not to stay afk in the game (You will be transferred to the spectators). If the server is almost full you will be fired for inactivity.
*  It is forbidden to exploit the credulity and ignorance of other players through remarks such as: "write quit in the console if you want a wall".
*  If an admin is present on the server, it will not be insistently requested to change the maps.
*  Decisions and commands executed by admins are not discussed on the server. There is a forum where you can discuss.
*  Use of the microphone is allowed during the game. (You can block the players' voice from the client settings)
*  Camp is not allowed.
*  It is forbidden to provide information about the condition of the players by any method, by the players who have died.
*  In case you have a gag, the administrative chat (say_team: @) is not a place to talk / negotiate.
*  On the server there is no discussion about accesses (rejected / accepted), whether they are granted or not. You have details on the forum.
*  Observe the objectives of the map (Tero: Plant & Counter-Tero: Defuse)

BZKA37t.gif Failure to follow the rules will result in: Gag / Kick / Temporary Ban / IP Ban / ETC. For game information type / help. 

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