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[RO] Salutare!


Tot am primit diferite reclamatii cu privire la VIP-uri precum toti se pun la o anumita echipa ct sau t. Da..este adevarat tot ce se spune avem si dovezi cand intr-o echipa sunt 5 vip-uri iar in celalta niciunu, cum credeti ca acei jucatori vor face fata contra la 5 vip-uri.. care are un avantaj foarte mare. Am ajuns la  concluzia ca trebuie sa intervin cu o regula noua.


Vip-urile/Adminii (ce detin vip) au obligatia de a echilibra echipele in asa fel incat fiecare echipa sa aive o sansa la un joc linistit si placut, sunt 10 vip-uri pe server, 5 t / 5 ct , sunt 3 vip-uri 2 t/ 1 ct si asa mai departe.


Cei ce nu tin cont de aceasta regula vor fi sanctionati pe loc cu suspendarea vip-ului pe o perioada de 7 zile.  Voi pune 2-3 admini care vor verifica serverul  zilnic si imi vor trimite poze cu adminii respectivi ce nu respecta regula.




[EN] Hello everyone! 


Recently, I received some complaints about VIP Players because most of the times, they play all together in one team. That's true and we have proofs. When all the VIPs are in one team, how do you expect the enemy team to "fight" them..? It's impossible because VIPs have many advantages. So, I added a new rule about that. 


All the VIPs Players or Admins-VIP have the responsibility to check team balance, so you will have a fair play. For example, if there are 10 VIPs in-game, they have to play in differents teams (5 ct - 5 terror) or if there are 3 VIPs (2 ct - 1 terror or the opposite) etc. 


Whoever won't obey this rule, the VIP will be removed for 7 days. I will have some admins in-game, who will check all of you, and they will send me proofs(pictures), for those who dont follow the rule.

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