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【TS3】- Rules «English Version»

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gSfbsvl.png [important]



➤  Our server is a way to communicate with friends or the community team. Arguments, swearing, insults to the person (seriously), will be punished. (kick channel or ban between two hours or permanently).


The owners of the canals are considered owners of their own area, as a result, they can use their own rules related to the operation and development of the activity on the area which is owned by them.


 Unban requests or complaints will not be considered if there is no a correct evidence (audio / video or image recording). For example: On a channel in its own regime, a user starts swearing vocally, but you had not record audio / video, there is no concrete proof of the situation, therefore, the only one who can make a decision is the owner or administrator of Canal.


 No action will be taken on private altercations, you can ignore a person's messages! (exceptions to this rule are ban threats).



 It is forbidden to connect with more than one identity on the server (one ip address = one user). (ban between 10 minutes or permanently).


 All flood adapters will be banned (permanent ban)


 Sounds from the soundboard or any type of program are forbidden . (ban between two hours or seven days).




gSfbsvl.png [General Rules] 



 Insults, abusive or offensive / bad language against a user is strictly forbidden! Depending on the situation, they are punished  with a warning / temporary suspension / ban  permanent 


 The user's nickname must not contain bad words , advertisements, otherwise they will receive ban for 1 day



 Advertising on any other TS3/website/Forum are forbidden



Only the complainant, the defendant and the server administration can answer for complaints. Unban complaints and requests will be done only by TS3 administrator.



You are not allowed to go into other users on the channels and disturb them. (kick channel or ban between two hours or permanently).


 You are not allowed to record on the server, any user who tries to do so will be moved from the channel to one chosen at random by the server.



gSfbsvl.png [Canal Rules]



 To create a permanent channel, you have to submit an application here, avoid going from one channel to another to request that.


 We are not responsible for the users  who have access within the channel.


 In case of inactivity your channel will be removed !



 gSfbsvl.png [staff Rules] 


 You are strictly forbidden to abuse your position!


 If you  incitement other users to quarrel, you will receive the same actions as incitement  users!


 You are not allowed to enter private channels without the owner's permission ! (Verbal warning / remove)


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