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animated-arrow-image-0103.gif SERVER RULES animated-arrow-image-0104.gif

  • 1. Using cheats/hacks/scripts will result in a PERMANENT BAN! (DEMO as proof)
  • 2. Use of bad language or insults will result in a gag varying from 5-10 minutes or ban 30 minutes or 60 minutes!
  • 3. Retrying after a gag is forbidden! (BAN 60 minutes)
  • 4. No info after you die! (GAG 10 minutes)
  • 5. The players who advertise other sites/servers or contain bad words in their name will have their name changed to "CSGO.WESTCSTRIKE.RO" and will be kicked (amx_kick name CHANGE.NICK) so their name will be changed.
  • 6. No climbing on top of maps, unless it's made to be climbed on! (slay/kick/ban 60 minutes)
  • 7. To announce any cheater use u@ (say_team @) + the name of the cheater. Reporting a cheater without u@ will be punished GAG for 5 minutes.
  • 8. The game is FREE/CAMP as long the bomb is not planted/defused
  • 9. Make sure your Counter-Strike 1.6 client is cheat-free!
  • 10. Not showing your WarGods Report or not posting the PHOTOS taken by admins will be punished with a PERMANENT BAN!

animated-arrow-image-0103.gif ADMINS RULES animated-arrow-image-0104.gif

  • 1. Admin commands should not be used on other ADMINS, including yourself. (REMOVE)
  • 2. The amx_votemap or votemapmenu commands shall be used when the GIVEAWAY ends. (-1 / REMOVE)
  • 3. The amx_map command will be used in the 29th/30th round of the map! (+1 WARN)
  • 4. If an ADMIN starts banning random people you have the right to BAN the admin and report what happened to a FOUNDER!
  • For any HELPER/ADMIN request you must reply with "I will read if you give me 5 dollars!" when asked "Have you read the RULES?"
  • 5. If someone makes an Unban / Reclamatie topic you have 24 hours to post proof! (+1 WARN)
  • 6. Borrowing access to other non-admin players is strictly FORBIDDEN!(REMOVE)
  • 7. When you are spectating make sure you have ESP on! (W, S, R are the commands)
  • 8. Admins can only be verified by who have +3 superiority by the admin which is verified or by a FOUNDER!
  • 9. If a CO-OWNER or OWNER is reported the problem will be solved by the FOUNDER!
  • 10. Kicks are banned at night.
  • 11. The admin that wants to unban a player needs a superior admin's approval! (REMOVE)
  • 12. To verify a player you must do the following:
  • - Move yourself to spectate
  • - Start recording a demo
  • - Once you've gathered enough proof, move the "hacker" to spectate or screenshot him (amx_ss <<name>>)
  • - Ask him for a WarGods test or tell him to post the PICTURE or both of them.
  • - If the, in the instance, hacker, leaves the game(drops), you can ban him permanently.


  • Every admin must connect to the TS3 server while playing
  • Every admin must join the DISCORD server! CLICK HERE!
  • Every admin must vote the server daily!
  • Every admin must visit the forum daily!
  • Every admin must reply with either PRO(For) or CONTRA(Not for) for every admin request.
  • Every admin must post its bans in his BAN-LIST! If not, it will be REMOVED!
  • Every admin must post the demos at the ADMIN-ONLY section! If not, it will be REMOVED!

animated-arrow-image-0103.gif The rules are mandatory for any player on the CSGO.WESTCSTRIKE.RO server! No one is above the rules! animated-arrow-image-0104.gif

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