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Xh5B7a4.gif Founders: @MrTeemo & @demySek
Xh5B7a4.gif MOD: Zombie Plague 6.2 | IP: | STATUS:  ezgif-3-8d33b97425.gif


  1. ZM | Statistics GameTraker.rs   (91 visits to this link)


  2. ZM | Join our discord server   (101 visits to this link)


  3. ZM | Announcements

    Xh5B7a4.gif You'll find here all the relevant informations regarding our server.

  4. ZM | Online Store

    Xh5B7a4.gif Do you want to buy something on our server? You will find here a topic for everything.

  5. ZM | Rules

    Xh5B7a4.gif You will find here the server rules for our admins and players.

  6. ZM | ZM Team

    Xh5B7a4.gif The list of our staff in right here.

  7. ZM | Admin Request

    Xh5B7a4.gif Would you like to be part of our team? Apply here for admin.

  8. ZM | TAG Request

    Xh5B7a4.gif Would you like to have your name reserved or get a nice TAG? Don't let others play with your hard earned points!

  9. ZM | Admin Complaints

    Xh5B7a4.gif Did you see an admin bad behaving or breaking the rules? Report him right now!

  10. ZM | Unban Request

    Xh5B7a4.gif You've been wrongfully banned? Here is the right place to make this right.

  11. ZM | Banlist

    Xh5B7a4.gif If you were banned by an admin, here you can find the reason and the proof.

  12. ZM | Suggestions & Proposal

    Xh5B7a4.gif Do you have suggestions to improve our server?

  13. ZM | Free Discussions

    Xh5B7a4.gif ON/OFF topic, questions, proposals, etc

  14. ZM | VIP Acces

    Xh5B7a4.gif Would you like to buy VIP and you don't know how to get in touch with our founders? Post it here and someone will help you.

  15. ZM | Events & Competitions

    Xh5B7a4.gif Informations about on-going and future competitions on our server.

  16. ZM | Staff Only

    Xh5B7a4.gif.7fce227010228e5ff26995817bd95115.gif Dedicated area for topics that should be discussed only by the admins.

  17. ZM | Archive

    Xh5B7a4.gif.7fce227010228e5ff26995817bd95115.gif All the topics that are incorrect, old or useless will be moved to archive.

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