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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. I agree with you @hhhhhhhh @ WCS. I've never seen him before. I've checked previous tests, but his speaking style is not pleasant. You shouldn't use provocative phrases like @nAm7 : "If you ban me today, I'll lift my ban tomorrow" Thanks for your kind thoughts, buddy @hhhhhhhh @ WCS )
  3. When an admin requests a test from you, you must run the test by the rules. You don't want to test and say ban me from the game. You are not the only one playing on this server! This server is not yours, buddy. RULES! If you are not cheating, you can continue playing. Can you send me the previous check link?
  4. allnight online.. no problem. thnx
  5. Don't be funny, man. everyone gets afk. I don't remember how many times I killed you;) thnx
  6. Bună amice. Nu te agăța de asemenea subiecte! Sunt doar o vorbă obiectivă. Sunt cu cuvinte aici pentru jocuri distiție distracție .. )
  7. Hey! Hi guys.. # The name you play with: DoRiaN # Steam id: STEAM_1:0:101031711 # Faccebook / Önay Atak # Age: 32 # City: Istanbul # Amx Experience: a little. i will learn # Have you read the recommendations? : Yes # Where did you find out about the server: Westută @ WCS # Are you willing to donate? : No thnx
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