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  1. ROOT!! If you're right, just prove it right. Do not use words like 'child', 'poor', 'loser' to the administrators here. These words do not prove that you are right.
  2. I am writing to avoid any misunderstanding. Otherwise, the player is none of my business. I didn't even see his face. I'm not protecting anyone here. I have more important things to do than that.
  3. You said you cursed at your mother, but that's another user. So how are you going to prove that this user is him, I asked? Did you keep records of his username changing? Or did you match the IP addresses? First make sure it's him and then ban him. This is what I'm trying to convey.
  4. It's clear that this username isn't a username he uses, and you have no evidence against it. You took this insult on her behalf. I'm not saying it should or shouldn't be banned. Examine it properly and let senior officials decide. You did what you had to do. Good game to everyone.
  5. dude wargods is off. First of all, you don't know about it.
  6. KOSTY, did you keep a record of what you said? Here you have to talk to your evidence. When any user swears, you have to prove their real username. Otherwise, what you're telling is just a made-up story. If you deal with cheaters here, you're really doing your job. Other than that, you work like a messenger of the mazagin. No evidence but discourse? That would be funny..
  7. He put her in spectator mode and just waited. Maybe KenO used the username "RE TARDS" from another computer. He blamed it on Root. I'm not sure about that, we need real evidence. Even the IP addresses are different. What's wrong with these admins? There is no need for such conversations. What you need to watch is a cheating player!! That's the important thing! But many admins here seem to have personal issues with many players.....!!!!
  8. What happens here is they have fun with you and then you complain here. Then they talk among themselves and have fun with you again. These are friends. They all protect each other. The mop is just rude. He also insulted me. If I tell this to the server owners, they say ok I will take care of it and nothing changes. This place is full of selfish kids who think they're something.
  9. you're right my friend sometimes plays like a bot. not like in this video. If we are going to come to a conclusion only on the video, my choice will be a ban. Thanks.
  10. This initiative may create a different open source over time. Any file that WG does not allow should not be accepted..
  11. Kosty who banned this person. Miss Alli Steamid has banned you. Lampard banned it. And yes unfortunately Dee banned it. All banned this player within 10 seconds. I saw. Managers should not lie. It is necessary to explain to this person the reason for the ban along with the evidence.
  12. I ran a test on this person and the result came out clean. A short time later, Kosty asked him to do a test. And it provoked the person. Provoke players so you can ban players you don't want on the server. You can easily ban them when they insult you. Congratulations.
  13. Read everyone's comments about it. and look carefully where my name is written. Maybe your guardian angel wrote it. I'm not interested in a player like you. good luck.
  14. lol and i miss alli. Do you have any proof that I banned it? When I forbid, I reply. There is no need for such slander. You can open a different subserver for children. thanks.
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