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  1. PRO ! PRO ! PRO ! It will help the server ! And there are other servers that have the same thing, and no one complained about it. Having vip is a choice, and giving the regular players vip at night i think it's a good idea. There is another thing about it, if you have it only for a period of time, at some point you will have complains from players for doing it only to reach 1st place ( it's not an uncommon move). I think we should have 3 days per week, something like that. And keep them that way.
  2. Cred ca tu confunzi gloantele lui ZRD cu Z0D. Iti recomand in schimb atunci cand intri pe server sa joci, nu esti acolo ca sa fii admin. Nu e nimic in neregula ca anunti cand este un jucator care are coduri, dar tu constant stai spectator ca sa verifici jucatori. Pentru mine demo-ul este in regula.
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  4. Am avut admini de 20 de ani care n-au stiut de ei. De ce sa nu i se dea o sansa? Cum a spus si Iulian, va fi sub indrumarea noastra. PRO!
  5. Nu esti indeajuns de activ pe server.
  6. @KeNzO®™Wish you all the best Nikalau, and stop leaving us and coming back! You are sending mix signals ! Happy biiiirthdaaaay!