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  1. @BebaTruca Can you please unban him? I banned him, i was wrong ... Sorry 😕
  2. Dude! I'm not trying to bother you or smth, i'm just saying the truth 😕 And what i'm seeing in ur Demo ... Don't get me wrong mate, Sorry
  3. You didn't say anything ?! So weird .. I translated ur Romanian language, clearly ur accusing him Enjoy ur day mate
  4. What do u mean about "act on the game mode" ?? Cuz Arsalan always plays with Knife, nobody gets hurt or gets annoy ... Surely he can't ban him because he plays in knife ... Just grow up ppl please
  5. Demo doesn't show that he has wall at all ... His test is red cuz of skins ... And he said that, so we should wait for his next wg :)
  6. Do u remember when u asked us about skins and guns? hhhhhhhhh and me were in, and we told u not to do it cuz it gives a red WG test .. It's okay mate, play normal without any skins, make a new WG test and send the link here, so Miss ensure ur clean and others
  7. I told you, this Admin is clean I don't see anything wrong with his play, no wall at all ... Just focus my mate @KOSTY KOSTY and stop accusing others :/ That's for me, let's wait and see what others see in this demo ..
  8. For me as a "God" grade, i can't go back to logs ... But some members can go back and watch the time @BebaTruca Can you go back to that day? Please?
  9. That's how kids think ... It's not possible that i banned because u killed me 1000 times for exm ... I just asked because many players were suspect about you So stop acting like a big kid and give us a clean WG test ...
  10. Don't lie my man .. I never ban players immediately, i waited for you 10minutes in minimum .. We can check the logs and see how much time i waited for you Anyway, Beba has answered you .. You do the rest, give us a clean WG Test then u get unban
  11. hello 007 its me kheiro i have scan unban me

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. khiro_slimi


      how i get ip and steam ip?


    3. OO7


      GameTracker Maybe?

    4. khiro_slimi



  12. For me, doesn't seem suspicious .. He's just so good with headshots, i do kill players such this way .. am i using smthng!? Ofc not Actually i don't know what's wrong between u and this guy .. Telling truth, he told me once that he doesn't kill admins because they will suspicious him and ban or ask for WG .. But he kills me normally, and i kill him too and everything is fine .. OK he's my friend and i respect him, but don't think i'm defending him, ask commanders or higher grade or a person who is really really good in cheats things "Files/Cheats", and if it's true that he has smthng, then ban him permanent with pleasure "I don't underestimate any one with this words i said, you all good just don't rush with judge" .. Hope my words are clean and nothing personal
  13. Name: 786.dd8R IP/Steam: STEAM_1:0:454457651 Reason: Aim Proof: http://www.girlshare.ro/3770095071.6
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