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  1. BadAF

    Request admin Abod

    @Abod Hi, you opened the topic in the wrong place. If you want to aplly for admin you must do it here: https://westcstrike.ro/forum/index.php?/forum/629-cereri-admin/ And please follow and respect the model. Best regards. T/C Moved to Archive
  2. @ButaX Two request within 10 hours. As was sais please always follow the rules and respect the model before post anything. Also, don't make multiple requests, wait for the answer from the owner. Or you may be given a warning. Best regards T/C Moved to Archive
  3. BadAF


    No sense topic. Plus here is your last request (24 hours ago): Don't make requests so often. T/C Moved to Archive
  4. Please do not reply on your/any request, since you are not allowed to do it. Follow the rules please. Best regards
  5. BadAF


    @=-NEXT-= Hi, this isn't the correct place to ask for admin. If you want to be admin on one of our server please go to the chosen server's section and follow the model. Best regards Topic Closed Moved to Archive
  6. @007 @ WCS Happy Birthday mate, have a nice one ❤️

    1. OO7


      Thank You Bro ❤️ 
      Appreciate That ❤️ 

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