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  1. De la mine ai Bafta 👍👍
  2. Num: [ARG]-Only-Deagle Ip: Motiv: aim Dovadă: http://www.girlshare.ro/3770103481.1
  3. Yes, I see it's okay My apologies, only your game is a little weird and that's why I made this demo It's ok to see Thanks!
  4. Come on, I see I have nothing to talk to you about, you always understand and say how you want brother I'm just saying nothing And you take me a little and cool like that Come on, stop it please
  5. Well, I was waiting, I didn't say anything, I just let you see your opinion of everyone
  6. http://www.girlshare.ro/3770101245.9 Da-ti-va si voi cu parerea despre acest admin Eu zic ca ceva nu e ok cu el E cam ciudat omu,eu zic ca putin wall acolo are , acum ce zice-ti si voi Multumesc!
  7. Brother, you have been told a thousand times to play correctly and to leave that blade. I understand you play once or three or four times, but you don't play like that You had already become annoying I apologize for everything, but the players came to complain, some even came out because of it, not so After you killed us with the blade and laughed, you kind of made fun of me, so to speak, it's not like that, let's go on sv and play nice, you only suffer nothing I promise, but be respectful at least just make cool
  8. What I saw in your wg is not possible so stay ban
  9. Unban si inca odata imi cer scuze nu a fost intentionat , nu se v-a mai inampla Lasa-mi ip-ul te rog pt unban
  10. Da am vrut sa banez pe altcineva , din greseala ai luat tu impi pare foarte rau,dar nu am facut o intentionat Mulstumesc! si scuze pentru neplacerile facute
  11. Num: Cyber | Original player Ip: Motiv: aim Dovadă: http://www.girlshare.ro/3770099248.3
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