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  1. For sure, for real Counter-Strike 1.5 / 1.6 😁
  2. How the statistic really works on respawn server? As we know, basically it works like that - Kills divide to Deaths, but as I see here it works different, so what is the main thing which allow player to climb on the top of top 15 ?
  3. Nickname: 6apcuK ➸ The admin who banned you: JB ➸ Your IP: ➸ Steam ID: ➸ Ban Info(console): Unknown ➸ Time/date you have been banned: 13.02.2021 15:16 ➸ Extra Notes: this is a ban without reason and i was checked before up to 10 times, and after ths result i was banned https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2177885 Demo https://ufile.io/vryhg2xu
  4. /, = - Real n.. ame/in-game: Tommy aKa 6apcuK - Age: 28 - City: Riga - Do you have steam: I hate it 😁 - Your favorite game: CS 1.6 no-steam Le original - In which server do you play: Respawn vasya - How did you find WestCstrike: In server list when downloaded my CS 1.6 - What do you think about the Community/What should we change: All good, Best of RESPAWN servers. Maybe Just to dont have Ban before players was checked by WG
  5. ➸ Nickname: 6apcuK ➸ Admin Name: JB ➸ Reason: Kicking, slaying and compulsion of choosing team side ➸ Proof: Demo ➸ Date/Time: 19:15 ➸ Extra Notes: Cannot play on the server because of this issue. https://ufile.io/ce8heila
  6. Thanks mate, appreciate 😊 Actually if you using a sound in game you hear when somebody respawning, shooting or walking and this is a reason for aiming thro the walls. But nobody here is even mentioned a sound, as a case of this Ban. I not using headphones but laptop speakers, so you can imagine that this game is little bit poor, as well i play on sofa and very low table, so i have the pain in my body after some time 🤪 but i have good device like a razer deathradder set and 99 fps in game, but my inet is poor
  7. @EarninG, bro, you will inform me with a result, right?
  8. You sure? And this comment are writing you, who not understood a joke?))) my god, man and you are talking about nonsense, make my Day amigo)
  9. Actually your activity is about praising me, because by this Ban you making an compliment for me and my "skill" but thanks to guys like you, because all this "smell" beggining From you
  10. 😆😎 Every server which im joining making me famous, maybe i can start streaming one Day 😱🤪
  11. Man, this is a csdm... You know one smart sentence - even broken clocks once a Day show correct time... But here on csdm server it works very well... 15 enemies who respawning non stop... If you know a respawn points then it is too easy to manage them even through the wall and even without sound
  12. Guys i hope of you experinced players and admins to help me solve this problem. Thx.
  13. and now you think you are an extrasense? If I'm nervous is only because I cannot play free on the server and now is because of you, who probably just dont like me, because im killing you most of the times in the game and first fact of that is - you slay me in assault and best what you can do, just to get me off the server, good job
  14. it means only one thing - that you have a lack of experience in both - admin and gaming, suddenly
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