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  1. nu te gasesc Linku cu orele tale si iti dau un PRO , Dar un momentan contra link-- https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ nu te gasesc !
  2. hmmmmmm ....................... fai cererea cum trebuie ore ( 0 ) Revino cand faci 15 ore ! si cererea ta este bataie de joc !
  3. sa fiu sincer nu prea meriti tu admin nu prea esti activ dar hai sa iti dau un ca a zis Lala ca avem nevoie de admini ! Dar respecta regulamntu si fii activ ! ok ai un PRO
  4. ce are ba 6 ore alea sunt ore...... trebuie minim 15 ore pentru slot
  5. Vip 5 euros d20 or 10 euros d30 Contra !
  6. we have nothing to do! to make classes and make a slot request ok! and and something else does not make me laugh with Ban-list is strictly forbidden if you do not do the right money you will take it on the Forum and Sv!
  7. Nume: Rage | - Rawrz IP: Motiv: insult admins Dovada: [LVL 3] Rage | - Rawrz`: bruh ] amx_pika raw Rage | - Rawrz` has left the game [LVL 0] SasaMatic_ProGamer: /donate [LVL 3] Rage | - Rawrz`: the fuck [LVL 3] Rage | - Rawrz`: nigga [LVL 3] Rage | - Rawrz`: fuck up Durata Ban-ului Permanet
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