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  1. I do not know what else need it Player provide all images Green images should be 4 this one : But from image i can say why he is not Green ( If you check image 3 and 4 you see different why ) Member who take SS done it wrong time The player die at the same time when SS was done that why is not green To me player from SS looks clean Sorry can not unban you maybe will other member will help you out Sorry Im at work so that why can not help
  2. 1. Your request open in wrong section 2. You need follow the model to help you better 3.Do you respect anyone or you just thinking you better then anyone? To me respect to be respected but from you looks like you do not respect anyone And last member who ban you is @West This request close without making any decision and move to Archive Open new request and do not forget follow model or your request will be without making any decision Follow this link to open new request
  3. @Mostafa***Desha*** Stop spamming forum whit your request is enough open one topic Next time give you warning And I think so you should follow model for your request so for members be more easy to decide ➸ Nickname: ➸ Varsta/Age: ➸ Steam ID(optional): ------------------------------- ➸ Regulamentul serverului trebuie citit inainte. ➸ Read the rules before you make a request. ➸ Minimum age 16 years old.
  4. Telling true I do not understand same off the Members/Players Like you all know this is only the game and we all come here to have fun or chat whit friends I think so sometimes most off you take to much personal about this kind situations :/// I check Demo what provide root And I do not like same off the things I do not understand from when we GAG Players 50 min ?????? Then you say he do retry sorry but i think most off the players will do same if you Gag them 50 min :// And From demo i do not see Keno you ask root to do anything you just was keep transfer him to spec :/// I check logs this what i can see 09/24/2021 - 01:49:50: "KenO" ban and kick "STUPID KENO LOOK AT THE FORUM A<12146><STEAM_0:1:595761151><>" (minutes "perm") (reason "injuriiiii") L 09/24/2021 - 01:50:09:"KenO" ban "STEAM_0:1:595761151" (minutes "perm") (reason "injuri") 09/24/2021 - 02:11:37:"KenO" ban and kick "#~@rôôt-><12193><STEAM_2:1:13395888><>" (minutes "perm") (reason "injuri") L 09/24/2021 - 02:11:59: [admincmd.amxx] Cmd: "KenO" ban "STEAM_2:1:13395888" (minutes "perm") (reason "injuri") This 2 bans 100% is same person Root :/// But this one RE TARDS PLAY CS<12197><STEAM_1:0:1815608034" From steam id what is show is not Root If you have any proof you can provide is root Then Root will be banned from server and forum but I do not see any proof what you provide or members provided until now this person is Root And From the logs I do not see you ban this player or Gag him you just was keep slaying him :/// So telling true I do not understand this situation I will speak whit others members who was at the same time in server but until now i do not see I need to do something about Root Keno I will ask you read rules again and do not Gag players that long I do understand sometimes players can be to hard and talk shits that why we have to follow rules and try to deal whit this situation And one more thing I do not understand why you ban your self :/// If you want to relax you can turn off cs not show to others Players/Members you do that is not nice when others things Members do not know what they do and ban them self :////
  5. lEarNinG


    Your request open in wrong section Choose in witch server you banned and open new request for unban Do not forget follow the model CSDM » RESPAWN Follow the LinK Classic » CS Follow the LinK Zombie » ZOMBIE Follow the LinK Zombie » NEWLIFEZM Follow the LinK Zombie » ZM Follow the LinK CS:GO Remake » FUN Follow the LinK CSDM » RS Follow the LinK CS:GO Remake » CSGO Follow the LinK
  6. Sorry but to me funny when Players call them self PRO players I know many good players and none off them say about them self they best :/// About ban You banned because WG test and because you was arrogant whit member About WG test in moment website is down during the Upgrades So is Pointless to ask Players take WG test in moment About how you talk to members we not allowed no one act like this in server or in this community but we have rules for this king Problems GAG or BAN 30min or 1h If Players still keep acting arrogant my opinion they not supposed be in this server or community I will Unban you but if next time this happens decision will be different Any more question PM
  7. lEarNinG


    I speak to Member who ban you And he say he make mistake Sorry for inconvenience
  8. Sorry replying to close topic :)))) @BebaTruca explain everything and i agree just wanted give more info Any member over use his access will be restricted at the first for same off the time Means that command what members over use to much will be restricted to him In this case slap/slay command so member can not use that commands do not matter what Grade that members is If still will not help that will be take and different actions like @BebaTruca explain
  9. HeLLo sorry to replying to close topic Just was out for same problems so could not be much active Zomda this Wg test do not show guns models :/// is show you use Chlenix HACK And fpsboost.cfg We now allowed anything what will fail WG test Next time you be suspected and fail test for similar reason you be removed and banned will say like this we all make mistake we need just to learn from them Before adding anything to your cs better check before having problems like this
  10. Waiting Personal Message Whit Name And Password
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