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    :))))))))))))))) ce facusi fermoar:)))
  2. you got banned couse you dont give wg test to dorian and get out of server


    am stat 30 min sa faci un wg pe care nu lai dat ,la sfarsitul mapei team strigat de cateva ori si nu ai raspuns PRO UNBAN
  4. are 4 minute jucate, ma abtin
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. nush ce sa zic , nu are aim in opinia mea ,sunt cateva faze in care are 2 jucatori in fata trage si nu ia unul macar ba chiar ia lama daca ar fi avut ceva si la buton era momentul in care ar fi folosit codul stiu ca Lis joaca cu sesivity 3.0 https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2268254
  7. you are the best admin ever , need 3 days to give scrennshot and test wargods:))))))) PRO UNBAN
  8. you post a screenshot whith your test :)))))))
  9. the pictures were taken on awp_india on second map you see the time there after 15 min on second map you dont give me picture and i ask for wg as weel i give picture and test wargods under 3 min CONTRA UNBAN you dont have green picture witnesses neuro2mn
  10. today i play all day , i dont see you ,when you make all 10 hours
  11. nu am nici o replica , si da am gresit cand am spus ca am luat 3 hs consecutiv dar daca ai fi citit ce am scris acolo am explicat zic eu clar ca mai luat de 4 ori si primele doua au fost hs kill si hs iar si tot acolo am spus ca as vrea sa comenteze situatia si martorii 007@ wcs ching fu si coco nu ai raspuns mai bine de 10 min pe sv ca erai preocupat sa faci reclamatie 9 din 10 admini tiar fi dat ban (stiam ca esti slab si eram 100% sigur ca imi faci reclamatie daca iti dadeam ban asta a fost motivul PENTRU CARE NU AI LUAT BAN )
  12. a facut reclamatie pentru ca iam cerut WG , in conditiile in care era prima data cand ceracest lucru (si SEPULTURA poate confirma asta ) si iam cerut wg dupa ce mi a dat 3 hs , intreabal ca vad ca stie sa scrie si sa citeasca , ma luat de 4 ori si 3 au fost hsuri
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