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  1. as administrator !!! u will lose stonebanks swair
  2. Nick: Moderator Ayubi 2. Age: 13 3.Experiență ca staff: 3 month 4. Server time available: idk 2 hour in day 5. Can you help financially? (YES / NO): no 6. You read the regulation (keyword): lovrZP 7. Contact: Insta_ issa_alayoubi 8.Link GameTracker with hours: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  3. Hey men u quit from ZP i am so bad but bro if i can give u PRO i will give u but i am not admin here idk if my pro do something but i say PRO
  4. no i don't get pa ok .... and u shut up
  5. i can't play and see anything
  6. Hey Salut i don't get ban but i get destroy to my cs then my cs take automatic photo idk what is that but see i am not hack not aim i just use blink knife....
  7. Yes i know i insult u cause u are veryyy kid and *** u slay me and kick and slay afk who i need kill him what i say i say i llove u ? of course not u slay me i say to u this don't be a stupid have image
  8. see this Stone Zombie Classy] You will get ungagged in 10 minutes *** Moderator Ayubi killed Dublin with a headshot from infection *** [Zombie Classy] You will get ungagged in 10 minutes [REPORT] Moderator Ayubi : boot [Zombie Classy] Add server to favorites ! Moderator Ayubi killed ft.antifa with knife [REPORT] Moderator Ayubi : boot Moderator Ayubi died [REPORT] Moderator Ayubi : heyyyyyy [REPORT] Moderator Ayubi : stop why slay meee i wass modd Unknown command: -setlaser bad connected bad is joining the Terrorist force <Warrior> Player dropped [Zombie Classy] You will get ungagged in 8 minutes [Zombie Classy] You will get ungagged in 8 minutes *Kicked Privileges set He Slay me and we was Mod Assassin
  9. he kick me!! without reason and change map and 20min left
  10. he slay me i was mod !!!! i was Assassin withour reason!!!!!!
  11. and now this **** slay afk in mod !! remove this !! adminn stone !! u was removed me for Slay afks and now he slay afks in mod
  12. ? i give my self pro any problem ?
  13. Nick: Moderator Ayubi 2. Data & Ora: after 20min 3. Mapa: zm_laf 4. Motiv: He Steal my ammo 5. Nick-ul Admin-ului: Dublin 6. Dovada obligatorie( Poza ) my cs don't take photo and some one Names Lost speak with me insta and he say he will give me 97k then he go to sv and he dosn''t see me on sv then he give 97k to some body names abo.hadibi29 and he don't know how to give then Dublin's joind he joind and gag me me without reason idk i insult than he said to abo say /donateammo Dublin 90000 and he say no this is for Ayubi Dublin's say say it or ban! then that poor guy say it and give Dublin all my ammo 90k or 97k Dublin Bad GUY! Stoler i know Stone will reject this topic and he will give me my ammo but i need report that
  14. Sorry Dublin [4:45 PM] Sorry Paul [4:46 PM] milky he was who kick :(((
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