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  1. Steam # STEAM_0:0:182688461
  2. Just downloaded and scanned https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2283466
  3. I was even having VIP after 500 kills and yes - was blowing them all away, but I have not used cheat and once more - admin did not request me for report
  4. Hi, I was just banned without reason, even without asking me for wargods ? I am using original Steam CS and I don't know who was admin but he did not ask me for wargods report! If he was so sure he would have to better kill me and wait for the report, but he banned me instead. Server: Respawn Nickname: PANAIRA Steam Acc: panaira Screenshot below: Console output on attempt to connect: Retrying You have been banned from this server.
  5. Hi, I'm adding details below: Nickname: PANAIRA The admin who banned you: not sure but it was really short nickname 3-4leters max Your IP: Steam ID: panaira or nachereshata (not sure which one of those) Ban Info(console): "You have been banned from this server. " Time/date you have been banned: just a little bit before creating the post (2021-06-23 11:50AM) Extra Notes: I was on a roll, but admin didnt believe
  6. Hello, I've just been banned because wargods was showing 'kernel cheat windows test mode' I want to let you all know that windows test-signig mode is neeeded to install some drivers that wont install otherwise I was using original windows10 with original steam and I want to request unban bad report: PANAIRA - Report 2253034 | WarGods Cheat Defender steam account: panaira
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