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  1. ▶️Award◀️ Award : Moderator You Have To Kill 50 Player In The Server To Win The Awards When You Kill Them press "tab" + "F5" And Go To Cstrike File And You Will Find The Photo of your Kills And Uploud the image in imugar.com Good Luck All !!! Rules Of The Award : 1- Dont Allowed The Use Anycheat or you will Ban 2- Dont Allowed Fabrication The Image or You Ban 3- If 2 Players Get Same The 50 Kill The Award Will Restart
  2. Founders @Nemesis @Safah Owners @adam Co-Owners Epics @Redisone Benson Head-Admins Admin-Lvl2 Admin-Lvl1 @Skorpion @Xd:c VIP
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. When some Award Be alive The Founder , Owner Will Post It
  5. When 700 Player Join the server this feature will be on !!! Not Allowed to anyone post on Giveaway Froum Right Now
  6. •Report Reason : •Who Report Him (Admin/VIP/Player/Other) ? : •Your Nick : • Nick of who reporting Him :
  7. •Nick : •SteamID : •Reason Of Ban : •Admin Nick who Ban you :
  8. •Nick : •SteamID : •Admin Rank (VIP/Admin/All) : •Gametracker Link : •Your Hour Play : •Did You Will Follow Our Rules ? : •What Time can you active in the server ? : NOTE : Minimum you should have 30 Hour play to accepting !!!
  9. DNS dorit ( nume.westcstrike.ro / nume.westcs.ro ) : CyreX.westcs.ro IP server : Firma unde este găzduit serverul : Ninja Hosting Mod de joc : Classic Modalitate de contact : Sorry I Do not Understand This Question Link gametracker : https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
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