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  1. Hello, I hope my words do not hurt anyone. I've said it before, but I couldn't convince anyone. I mostly work on aim and reflex on the server. In other words, I turn to everyone (including my own teammate) and shoot them in the head. Sometimes if the players complain too much, I sit and scan :D. I don't think I'm a good player myself. I know a lot of players better than me. We have only HS matches in head mode for about 1 year. What you see in this video is nothing to me. And I don't play seriously on the server. I'm not trying to prove myself. I love and respect you. I'm really just having fun. I am not making fun of anyone with my words. just because they haven't seen anything like this before, it's a little funny that they believe it's not possible and I want to show it if the admins allow, I can show anyone who wants to shoot like this 1 week is enough and it's very simple. If you want, you can lower the damage value when I get a special headshot (but please don't block the bullet trajectory). I like to play this way too. I don't enjoy the game when I kill someone or make 100/200 to 20 frags. I just have fun when I get a headshot.You can always ask me to test. I can give tw. I can take video. You can put me to the test. just please don't make it a personal issue. I upload the demo. I thought of scanning in unreal demo scanner and then I was lazy. (come on, root is already clean, why are you going to scan it?. let it scan if you want) I thought you should scan it anyway. I scanned it and what do I see? wtf root! u hacker? DeSyNcHack? what the heck? I searched to see if I could be a hacker . I told you before that my computer is bad and my screen is frozen. While searching, it shows such an incorrect result because the demoscanner could not detect the areas where my screen was frozen. (software error) In the link below, the developer explains this and says he will fix it. So what am I doing in those moments? Of course I'm dying :D. Don't be afraid, the report result is clean https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W2ShszYKuu8AcmNUqk7tp9IZldoxuO1G/view?usp=sharing (demo) https://i.imgur.com/MtarNRh.png (unreal image) https://c-s.net.ua/forum/topic90973s320.html (unreal desync error)
  2. Dear Kosty You come to me with a new surprise every day. thank you, you really amuse me. I will keep coming to the game every time I see you. Oh, by the way, I'll post the demo's file taken by the original owner soon. If you have some cs knowledge, it's understandable if I'm already doing the slightest trick. Because many files and cs files of the player are shared in the source of dem format. I have a request from you. Forget everything for a moment and think I'm telling the truth. Then think about how you look to me.
  3. Hello Since headshot videos are searched a lot on youtube, I shot a onetab video on behalf of westcstrike, actually, there is more and there are many videos, but I can only record through .dem. I get a lot of freezes when I record through other video tools. As for the video, yes I know because it's late, most players are afk and simple but it's still a good video for onetab lovers
  4. Hello, It's a simple effect model that removes the existing transition effect when switching from one weapon to another. hltv weapon model. no use to the game. On the contrary, it has harm. because when switching weapons, it freezes during the transition and you cannot shoot at the opposite side for 1 second. just a pretty sight for me. can i upload this? wargods shows red (HLTV Weapon Model) when scanned but it's just a simple model. and owned by HLTV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXxnEsG2WyY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGa9NoX2tek
  5. Hello, inaccessible for about 5 hours. I hope the problem will be solved soon
  6. Alliana, we got on very well with you at first. why are we like this Instead of creating problems, why don't we talk and solve our problems.

  7. Nick: #~@root-> STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:595761151 Dear admins unfortunately I am still banned and my ban has not been lifted. is the ID number of my STEAM ACCOUNT I gave above. Since I entered the game without steam, it was thought that I was removed. I use steam on play You can learn about the subject here. For such a reason, 4 admins banned me in a row, they had fun with me, they banned me for almost 3 nights. Thank you for trying to crush me like this. well done, congratulations.
  8. I think the admins live on Mars. the 30 minutes they mentioned are more than 24 hours here the result is still the same
  9. dear aliana, when i took the exam you were specta you saw this. And you are misrepresenting the event knowingly or unknowingly. Instead of telling Kosty that I took a test 10 minutes ago, you took the time to flip through my impulsive reaction. I didn't escape the test, I started the test and said it was 94%. You allowed me to be banned without waiting for the result. Just look at your wargods scan list. If I'm lying, the records never lie. please check the dates. n the world's best respawn server, a player is asked to scan wargods, the result is not liked and asked again, he is banned by saying that he escaped the scan. Is it a joke ?
  10. Thanks for your valuable comment, dear admin. You've made me very happy.😃 respects
  11. Hello, Nick: #~@root-> STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:595761151 Dorian asked me to take the test, and I completed the test. other admins were specte. Then they asked me to come back to play. After 5-10 minutes, while I was fully focused on the game, Kosty took me out of the game and asked me to test again. I started the test and said it was 94%. My computer freezes for 20 30 seconds when I go to the bottom screen. When I came back to say the test was over, I saw that he had me banned. He banned me because he thought I missed the test and didn't do it. Kosty doesn't see the conversations on the spect? Or does he not want to see it? Why don't the other admins standing there say that they were asked to test a second time, that it was wrong? I don't know English, I write with translate. My computer is already slow. I'm waiting a while for the page to change, even to say that the test is done. I impulsively cursed in Turkish as he took me out of the game when I was just back and focused on the game. I shouldn't have done this. I recommend that you spend the time you spend trying to translate what I wrote and look for a reason against me by trying to show some goodwill.
  12. Thank you for your valuable comment. yes you are right it is a workload for managers. In the forum, a volunteer support team can be established for this. I can review all the demos as much as I can and then share the results on the forum. such cases are rare. A demo is requested from the player and allowed to be played until reviewed. If the report proves it, it's banned.
  13. really like a joke. After asking a test from a player who spends time on the server all the time, known and liked by all the players, he does not like the result and asks for a retest, and then bans him with a STEAM ID without waiting for the wg result. you are slandering me. I didn't speak ill of you because you asked me for wargods. don't lie and don't try to cover up your wrongdoing to justify yourself Despite all you've done, I came back to the game and apologized to you. just so that there is no problem. but you banned me again. I have no problem with you. can't be anyway. In the world's best respawn server, such an event will damage the image of the server.
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