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  1. domnule RAW in primul rand nu avem niciun admin cu nick.ul amy.boss iar in al doilea rand daca ti se cere cv trebuie sa respecti cerinta fara alte comentarii, punct. odata ce ai refuzat sa dai pozele , eu ce as putea sa cred, ca ai ceva de ascuns, logic nu? revin.o cu pozele pe imgur.com si mai stam de vorba
  2. Using CFGs which are not accepted by WarGods, are forbidden. Using cheats, hacks, scripts, AWP Scope... etc. Configs.cfg with more than 250 lines ARE FORBIDDEN. Advertising other sites/servers. Counter-strike NVIDIA is forbidden, all versions. If Admin asks you for WarGod Test, you are not allowed to RETRY. Players have the obligation to make Wargods Test if Admins ask for it, especially when they make admin request. Inappropriate language on server will be punished with Gag 3 - 5 minutes. Insulting Admins will be punished with gag/ban 30 minutes. Its not allowed to use Retry after GAG, Ban 30 minutes. To make a report in-game for a possible cheater use say_team@ (u@) + name of cheater. You are NOT ALLOWED to climb on the map. If you get Slay / Kick or Ban, you can make a complaint about that Admin on forum. Respect other players and Admins. If you want to make a request, the secret answer at "Did you read the rules?" is -> z3p1 + west = love You are not allowed to climb on the map. You are not allowed to be all together in one team. [https://westcstrike.ro/forum/index.php?/topic/2922-atentie-admini-vip/] It doesn't matter if you prefer to play as T/CT. You have to keep the team balance as mentioned at the rule 2. Every admin or player wich have VIP will be transfered to another team if he will not gonna keep the team's balanced. Next rang of admins will can take the decision straight away to move one admin or player wich have VIP rang: Commander, Detinator, Founder, Manager, Owner. The VIP rang can be suspended for 12h to 24h if the admin or player will not gonna accept the decision. The rang's mentioned on top will be forced to respect also the rule of balancing the team's. when they get on the server or into thea team's. Cheating will be punished with Removal without getting your money back. Inappropriate language will be Warned and the second time will be punished with Removal without getting your money back. Respect admins, don't tell them what to do, it's not your responsibility. Respect admin chat, don't interfere when admins talking, it's not your responsibility.
  3. Acceptat, pm cu nick si pass.
  4. Din moment ce serverul este la inceput pe noul ip, punem la bataie 10 locuri libere. Model cerere admin : * Nick: * Varsta : * Steam ON/OFF : * Unde te putem contacta? : * Ai experienta in AMXMODX (cat la %) ? : * Poti fi activ pe server/forum (intervalul) ? : * Ai citit regulamentul? : Deoarece este campanie, cererile le veti face aici, nu intr-un alt subiect separat. In acest topic nu se da PRO/CONTRA; In cazul in care cererea dumneavoastra a fost acceptata, trebuie sa aveti in vedere urmatoarele: - Crearea banlist-ului este obligatorie. - Sa intrați zilnic pe server/forum. CERINTE: - Minim 16 ani; - Regulament citit obligatoriu altfel cererea va fi declarata respinsa; NOTA 1 Daca nu respectati cerintele impuse de noi, o sa fiti respinsi din start, toate cererile se fac in cadrul acestui topic! NOTA 2 Admini noi veniti care nu detin cont Steam, Vor primi dupa 3 saptamani de la aplicarea cereri. Conturile Steam oferite de catre Westuțâ si KeNzO®
  5. ai unban...inafara de de wg-urile vechi cand ai folosit cheat-uri...mai nou nu este nimic.Ai grija pe viitor. :Acceptat:
  6. :Acceptat: Lasai lui Westuta un PM cu datele de logare.
  7. yoyo @ WCS


    :Topic Closed: Pana nu faci o cere normala dupa model, ramai cu ban. Until you make a proper request after the model, you remain with ban.