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  1. DENIED I want to say yes but i will give you one more week be active and will talk after T/C
  2. O sa zic pro aici , dar daca nu o sa ai activitate si nu votezi te asigur ca nu o sa il mai vezi Accepted sa ii scri lui lala sa iti dea slotul inapoi , dat ti-am zis data viitoare daca ti-l scoate nu o sa il mai ai T/c
  3. Denied You just been promoted to moderator for now you are good there , where you are !! T/C
  4. Accepted Send me name and pw T/c
  5. Denied I didn't really see you on the server T/c
  6. Accepted Send me name and pw T/C
  7. If you was a good boy i will accept this but , you was rude ,you abuse . i will say DECLAIN T/C
  8. First i don't need to give you any explication about what i 'm doing Second i will take care of him by myself !! Third i will not accept you for admin . And me to shut up .... Ok .... DENIED You will not have admin on this server And for your own knowledge simvola was banned and 'exterminated' in the morning Next you will have a warn T/C
  9. ro player you made 2 request , you are not an admin to answer to any post here , next time warn For the request DENIED T/c
  10. In primul rand ai gresit sectiunea In al 2 lea rand incearca sa resetezi key.'use default' T/c
  11. next will be ban T/c
  12. Denied you don't activity on the forum T/c
  13. 1 warn for spaming T/c
  14. Denied Stop making request T/c
  15. First you didn't respect the model Second you didn't make the request in the right place Stop spaming Denied T/C