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Alianna @ WCS

Domnisoara (Girl)
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  1. Alianna @ WCS


    Wrong section server, you request is in this server -> CS:GO Remake » FUN
  2. Wargods test have days down!!!
  3. Contra, YOU NOT ARE the real chachatt.. Chachat playing now with ip = Your ip is this= CHACHATT IS HELPER IN THE STAFF..
  4. Test again for zomda https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2282229 Clean!
  5. @Zomda So you tried to use some hack? explain this please...
  6. Arsalan have much time playing in the server And he plays with the knife for fun and he laughs at everything, if they kill him he laughs, you gave him slay just because you got upset .. but the rules do not say that you have to play with weapons required....
  7. Your test is failed, you using hack.
  8. Please make wargods test and paste here, please.
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