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  1. It s been more than 48h since you made the unban request (wrong). You can make another topic when you want following the right model. T/C
  2. Nume: NAME IP: Motiv: Aim Dovada: Demo
  3. Movie : The Shawshank Redemption Series: The West Wing
  4. Follow the model please. Nickname: The admin who banned you: Your IP: Steam ID: Ban Info(console): Time/date you have been banned: Extra Notes:
  5. This is boring already. @root@aim you cant insult anyone, no matter if you think you are entitled to do it because you are angry or because someone did something wrong to you. As i see from the print screens, you did call him "idiot". You changed your nick to "stupid keno look at the forum"? Are you 12 years old ? When you had problems you ve always post it on forum and maybe you re not happy with our decisions, but we always tried to solve them as we knew better. You cant say that half of our admins are useless as to you re not aware of who is doing what here, who is donating or not, so please, dont talk bad about our staff, that s just rude. @KenO if you have an IP for that player "RE TARDS whatever" that matches roots IP, alright, he will get banned because he insulted you, otherwise as suspicious as it is , if you cant prove it, you cant hold him accountable for that. If a player is insulting any member of the staff or the players, the rule is ban/gag for 30 mins! READ THE RULES! @root@aim this will be the last time you will be allowed to insult anyone, as you remember, in your previous unban requests i told you to stop insulting our staff, but you keep doing it. Next time you will insult anyone (staff member/player) i will ban you permanently. One more time ! WARGODS.COM IS DOWN ! You have to find other way to check him, SS maybe, but until WG will be up, we have to manage as we can. Root is a player that posted in the past on forum, you can check it yourself. You will get unbanned for now! Do better next time. You have so many expectations from everyone else to be fair with you, yet you re doing the exact opposite. T/C
  6. BebaTruca


    Come back when you have the 10h ! T/C
  7. Nickname: Adminul care te-a banat: Ip-ul tau: Steam ID: Ban Info(console): Ora/data la care ai luat ban: Extra Notes: Acesta este modelul de cerere unban!
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