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  1. @LaLaLa should we type pro,contra or ?
  2. Hello @~ ! HASSAAN ! ~.l think you was made a mistake that's why they don't accept your request you should solve this problem with pm.This forum have a lot of rules for example you can't reply your request or you can't spam in forum l hope you'll be carefull next time. T/C MOVED TO ARCHIVE.
  3. broo im have vip in sv


  4. Mr.ShArk


    Hello @prostylemazen.I think you made request wrong place because first you should make slot request second it's wrong model next time l hope you'll be carefull T/C MOVED TO ARCHIVE
  5. Name: @~ ! HASSAAN ! ~ and @K3nT>,>H[D] =) Warning point: 1 Reason:l was told them about rules but they didn't listen me and again spam in forum Proof:
  6. This is a request you should only type here pro or contra and if you're not a admin you can't reply here next time both of guys you'll get warning for request contra its early for you!!!
  7. Mr.ShArk

    SLOT req

    @Andreiutzuuu Hello.Here you should type pro or contra and that reason l hope you won't write another in vain thing. @5zanHere is forum and this forum have many rules you should obey them if you won't play this server don't make again a in vain request. T/C MOVED TO ARCHIVE.
  8. man first you should use google translate Second l don't see any proof here you must make a proof @LaLaLa
  9. Pro bcs of he was good and respectfull admin
  10. Mr.ShArk

    HELPER reqoust

    @5zan Hello.You already made a request here- Don't spam again MOVED TO ARCHIVE LOCK.
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