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  1. The one who slayed you was aac You reported the wrong guy Aac next time use slay on the right guy. T c
  2. Request For Administrator  -for comeback my adm

     Nick in game :ButaX
    - Age : 21
    - Experience as admin : 10/10
    - Like our server facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/zombieplaguecso/
    - You pressed like button? yes

    - Steam ID :STEAM_0:1:224945612
    - Can you help our server with a donation? : Yes
    - Have you read the Rules? : Yes
    -Before i have adm but my adm remove cuz before i have problem with my pc and i didnt was Active
  3. Reports with videos from last report? Alex got suspended for that vidos Next time come with proofs from the present time Tc
  4. This is not your name Is a common name used by a lot of players Denied
  5. Hi lallal plss give me ftp in ur sv see my activity

  6. Acceptat! Avem nevoie de admini cu experienta.
  7. Give Me Your Discord Server Link Bro ..

  8. Hi LaLaLa

    Today I was playing in server ( Zombie » ZOMBIE)

    My account level was 34 all of a sudden it went down to 7

    Pleas Help me for get  back my level

  9. Who said you are gonna get acces to remove admins? You are just gonna be admin of the server and you must start from.slot like all others. Wait for the other opinion about you
  10. I asked you HELPER and SLOT give me pls



      LALALA   pls  give   me   slot   bro    and    helper  plsssss


    2. ShaRk100


      LaLaLa give me slot bro plz im !~ShaRk~!


  11. lalala give me slot pls

  12. LaLaLa pls give me HELPER pls LaLaLa

    1. vienas


      lalala can i get helper vip me name vienas...


      i have

  13. anyone who see this youseff on server BAN HIM! topic closed albi wont do it again
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