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K3nT>,>H[D] =)

Admins Zombie
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  1. UN CACAT a intrat pe server prostu dupa ce simvola ma injura incotinu i-am dat gag de 5 ori si apoi ban
  2. - Nume in joc:K3nT>,>H[D] - Numele adminului reclamat:Pitunel - Motivul reclamatiei:m-a bagat spectator ! fix cand ii ademenisem pe niste playeri ! mie mi sa atras atentia de 10 ori cand bagam admini spec sau utilizam comenzi pe ei ! - Dovada:https://imgur.com/m4usKoH
  3. and you see, you idiot, if you try to get into the accounts again, I'll give you a ban !!!! I saw you steamid u as ip you changed it but if I catch you don't escape!
  4. First of all, I don't tolerate a stupid and idiotic player swearing or mocking me, so damn it!
  5. I think you're s****d !!! Are you reporting that he gave slay ?? read the rules in my d**k and ask if he's allowed LaLaLa, look at this gangster thinks he's strong
  6. I want to add something, this is not dead_shot + many hacked into dead_shot in the evening so no spells !! I hope you don't think LaLaLa will give you admin =)! if you are an admin you will be the worst on this server + attack who I want, and I say go to hell last night you were making fun of admins and now you want to be? And the thing with I kill you if you steal my gun I do it when they want my muscles 😃 we can do this no more with spells =))))) peace =))))
  7. First of all, you started making fun of me, I have every right to kick you! so don't comment badly and in vain until you make an enemy on the server!
  8. Nume: IP: Motiv: Dovada: Durata Ban-ului
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