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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. The topic moved to the right section Hello @6apcuK Here ranking its not depends only on kills/deaths , the most important is the numbers of kills and effect , you can notice that , for example , 5000 kills , with 85% effect , better than 7000 kills with 60% effect , you can see that most time in V.I.P because the have more damage which means high effect I hope I answered your question . T/C
  3. Hello @bebevest You opened this topic in wrong section , you should open it here >> https://westcstrike.ro/forum/index.php?/forum/355-dns-request/ Open new topic in that section and you should full all information as in the model good luck Archive , T/C
  4. I think @JB @ WCS has a problem about CFG , just i want to explain about it , every cs 1.6 have between 27-70 CFG [ Depends on cs version ] , so maybe you will see different numbers of cfg from player to another , but 2 CFG only can effect on the game , config.cfg or userconfig.cfg [ some players use another name for userconfig.cfg] another CFG just HLDS , Bots , some maps etc ....... For @6apcuK his CFG is clean , and number of CFG have no meaning in the game , even his CFG not have Alias @6apcuK, you should not show your indifference , try to deal with admins in this case , not arguing with them Unban T/C
  5. 1161 https://serverstoplist.com/server-respawn-westcstrike-ro-best-server-respawn-9295833/vote# 588 http://vipms-boost.ru/games/cs-16/servers/23457 18 https://topservers.com/server/1024# 8 https://topg.org/cs-servers/server-606565 << Voted >> http://www.topzone.org/109876/cs16/respawn.westcstrike.ro-ts.westcstri-.-.-..html
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. lets wait @007 @ WCS , maybe he has some more details or different reason
  8. @don , you mean he asked you about wg ,and you gave him it then he banned you while your wg is clean ??? @007 @ WCS , do you have anything about him ??
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