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  1. you talking like i am applying for presidency lol i could lie and say i am 18 or smth, but no..
  2. seems to me an unjustified excuse am i wrong?
  3. ➸ Name In-Game: uchiha | obito. ➸ Age: 15 but age is just a number tho :))) ➸ City: Cairo ➸ Steam ID(required): STEAM_0:0:509402112 ➸ Amx Experience: 6 years and scripting experience also ➸ Did you read the server rules?: yea respect and you'll be respected ➸ Facebook/Skype(optional) : here ➸ Are you willing to donate?: i hope so ➸ Where did you find out about the server: to be honest i forgot :} ➸ Link Gametracker with hours: https://www.gametracker.com/player/UCHIHA | OBITO./
  4. obito.

    Slot req

    Nickname: UCHIHA | OBITO. Varsta/Age: 15 :| i guess i'll be refused? Steam ID(optional):
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