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  1. @@hhhhhhhh @ WCS you are wrong. All you had to do was to delete his posts and collect them in one post. Three managers saying the same things again. (hhhhh, badaf, mr.shark) Come on guys, let's not repeat again and again same mistakes, i didn't write the rules for myself.
  2. Someone who knows what to do, check this topic and do the job. If no one can understand what is wrong here, read forum manager rules again. https://westcstrike.ro/forum/index.php?/topic/4006-i-were-removed/
  3. @@TIGER I don't know if you use hacks, but you are too desperate as person. Stop making new accounts only because you get contra. Next time I'm gonna ban you at this account too.
  4. Name: loSSer Reaason: Spamming Flagged.
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