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CMEPTbhhhhhhhh @ WCS

I dont have console, it doesnt work so I cant even see what you banned me for.
Sep 04 2019 03:10 AM
  • CMEPTb's Photo
    what you wanted those images for? I spent like 20 minutes doing this SHITE, what the hell are you banning me for?

    I told you I am playing CS on mac - it barely works, I am not bloody hacker to do everything in one click as you have requested. I dont have cheats. I come play and go, I've been playing on this server for a while now.

    https://imgur.com/4yBXfih https://imgur.com/5L1lB5B https://imgur.com/hHydbqX https://imgur.com/A3avTBh https://imgur.com/m2m6NsQ https://...
    Sep 04 2019 03:13 AM